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Beaumont/Banning Student of the Month

Participating Schools

The following Beaumont and Banning high schools participate in the Student of the Month Program:

  • Beaumont High School

  • Glenview High School

  • Banning High School

  • New Horizons High School

  • 21st Century Learning Institute

  • Banning Independent Study School

Committee Members

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Karena Zermeno, Altura Credit Union, Founder

  • Dr. Evan Brown, Beaumont Unified School District

  • Dr. Veronica Pendleton, Banning Unified School District

  • Dr. Carlos Tovares, Mt. San Jacinto College

  • Linda Hanley, Bank of Hemet

  • Clara Vera, Waste Management

  • Melanie Bonilla, Board of Supervisors 5th District

  • Jessica Ramirez, Beaumont Unified School District

  • Ana Orozco, Banning Unified School District

  • Tom Finch, The Salvation Army

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